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The content of this website is published only for information purposes for the products offered by the Luxembourg domiciled Fund NEF. Therefore, every information is not and should not be considered in any way neither a sale offer, a solicitation of investment or a sub-funds units or other financial instruments subscription offer, nor an investment advice. Access to this website is allowed only to those who, in respect of the law and of the regulations of home jurisdiction, may have access to the above-mentioned information. Before making any investment choice, it is also recommended reading the section regarding the objectives, characteristics, composition, performance and price of the sub-funds, in this website or in the Fund documentation (KID, Prospectus, etc). Any possible investments in the sub-funds of NEF Fund can be made after careful review, where necessary also with the assistance of your financial advisor. Investors must know that every investment involves some degree of risk and that they are obliged to collect relevant information about the risk inherent in any investment. Finally, please be advised that past performance is not an indication of possible future performance and therefore cannot be considered as a benchmark for future investments decisions.

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